by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter

Image via Rally America

The Honda Fit has been one of the most familiar rides in the Rally America National Championship for nearly half a decade, with a number of different drivers cycling through the Honda machinery over the years. Chris Sladek was the latest to get behind the wheel in the B-spec vehicle, and delivered the HPD/Maxxis Rally Team a class driver’s championship for the fourth year in a row. Today, he gives us a little more background on a car that’s “fit” for a champion:

When did you pick up this car and where did you get it?

The 2015 Honda Fit has been part of the team for roughly four years and I stepped into the driver's seat in March of this year.

Any nicknames for the car?

Nope! Unless you count "the Fit" as a nickname.

Why was this the right car for you to use in Rally America?

This was the perfect car to start rallying in. This was my first year rallying and the B-Spec class in Rally America is perfect for a newcomer like me. The Fit is an incredibly reliable and capable package. Most people don’t realize it has a CVT in it either unless they peek inside.

Aside from safety regulations, what have you done to improve its performance?

The Fit is decked out in the Rally America approved B-Spec package developed jointly between the Honda rally team and HPD.

When it’s not rallying, where’s the home base for this car?

Home for the Fit is Honda R&D in Raymond, Ohio, roughly 40 minutes outside of Columbus.

When was your first event with this car and how did you do?

My first event driving the Fit was this year at 100 Acre Wood. We placed first in B-Spec and seventh in 2WD!

Has anybody else rallied this car over the years?

I am actually the fourth driver to rally the Fit. James Robinson rallied it in 2015, Jordan Guitar rallied it in 2016, and Dan McCarron rallied it in 2017, each winning the B-Spec class for their respective seasons!