The spectator guide for next Saturday’s Show-Me Rally, the seventh event in the 2018 Rally America National Championship, has officially been released. Spectators looking to attend next Saturday’s event can find the official map here.

Spectator zones will be open for both passes at the Lions Club super special stage (SS1 and SS3) from 10AM to 2PM. The next spectator area will be open for SS5 and SS6 at Baby Pigeon Roost from 1:10PM to 4:50PM, while the third and final spectator zone will be open for SS7 and SS8 at Brazil to Colen to Moses from 4PM to 8PM.

The rally totals 55.8 racing miles through its eight stages, with two passes at each stage. The Lions Club super special is unique in that it is run in both directions, with SS3 taken in reverse. The event features two stages of nearly 10 miles, with Floyd Tower East (SS2 and SS4) listed at 9.96 miles and Brazil to Colen to Moses slightly longer at 9.98.

For those looking to get closer to the action than the spectators, volunteer opportunities remain available for this year’s Show-Me Rally. Interested parties can find more information here.