The U.S. Rallycross Series round one commences on May 19th at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.

On the eve of the event U.S. Rallycross Series cars are rolling into tech inspection on Friday and Saturday morning, and many unexpected storylines are currently developing as drivers show off their cars after a winter of hibernating and tinkering in the garage.

Here is a sample of storylines coming to the U.S. Rallycross Series:

It’s a battle of RWD vs. FWD.

Eric Vlasic from Paris, Ontario borrowed Honda of Canada’s supercharged 2008 Honda Civic used in Canada’s Solo Sprint competitions. Vlasic is the lead Honda motorcycle tech, but he also works on forced induction systems on Honda of Canada’s race cars.

Vlasic is eyeing local Millville, NJ racer, Kyle Gagliardi in his V8 RWD Ford Mustang as his closest competitions. Vlasic says this will be a classic RWD v.s FWD battle.

“I expect Kyle will get me on the launch,” said Vlasic, “but FWD will work best in the dirt. Where I point my tires the rear will follow. Kyle will need to push through the dirt and battle his momentum.”

Can Am racecar in Rallycross?

Randy Zimmer Can Am driver, turned stage rally driver, turned rallycross driver, has been busy in the garage. Zimmer has competed in all the NJMP rallycross events, but he arrives with a Frankenstein creation at the first U.S. Rallycross Series round.

Last Summer “mad scientist” Zimmer transferred a two rotor rotary engine from his 1979 Rondell Can Am race car into his 1994 Mazda Miata resulting in the engine and transmission being placed just over the rear wheels. The weight is now centered over the rear tires and the entire bodyshell has been converted to carbon fiber plating.

Race 2 Remember

Former NFL Tight End for the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles, Rich Bodmer, and former movie stunt driver for The Bourne Ultimatum and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, has partnered with Race 2 Remember.

The charity organization is collecting donations for the firefighters who passed in the September 9th attacks. Their car number 343 represents the number of those who gave their lives. A website will be announced soon.

More stories to come.