Rally America's U.S. Rallycross Series is coming back with a slew of new and returning rallycross talent for the first event of the 2012 U.S. Rallycross Series at New Jersey Motorsports Park on May 19th!

Rally America is proud to see nine returning drivers who competed at Rally America’s first rallycross events at New Jersey Motorsports Park in 2010.

Highlighting the list is Art Gruszka, X Games athlete and perennial Rally America National Championship competitor, in a fire-breathing 2005 Mitsubishi EVO IX. Gruszka was a top 4WD Class competitor in the original 2010 rallycross events and is a top favorite for the upcoming rallycross rounds.

Gruszka is followed by Josh Wimpey, 2WD Class winner from the very first U.S. Rallycross Series event in 2010. He returns to take on an even larger 2WD field with the entrance of eight more new rallycross teams challenging the 2WD category.

The entire entry list can be found at: http://rally-america.com/events/2012/NJMPRC1/entries/

The first event in the U.S. Rallycross Series takes place May 19th at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Fans can buy tickets from NJMP at NJMP.com. Rally America is also planning to feature the races via a high-quality live stream on Rally-America.com to allow fans worldwide to watch the first round of Rally America’s U.S. Rallycross Series.

Attend the event or watch online to support the drivers and the U.S. Rallycross Series as Rally America reignites the premier grassroots rallycross series in the country.

Rally America's U.S. Rallycross Series will feature 4WD and 2WD classes with a $1,000 purse for each class. Businesses looking to sponsor the series should contact rallycross@rally-america.com for details.

You can still get into the rallycross action by creating or logging into your Rally America driver account: https://www.rally-america.com/account/reg.login.php and completing the event registration, call us at 763.553.2742, or e-mail us at rallycross@rally-america.com.

More info coming soon so mark your calendars for a full day of exciting rallycross on May 19th!

Photo: Terry Hall