It was a very difficult weekend for the entire Fetela Rally Team. While driver Peter Fetela and co-driver Dominik Jazwiak were busy writing stage notes during reconnaissance of the roads, the tech crew was engaged in last minute prep and tech inspection.

From the very first stage on Friday Fetela had issues with the car.  The anti-lag system was not operating properly, which diminished full power of the car.  Luckily the other teams had their share of problems and Fetela managed to keep enough of a pace to stay sixth overall before the last three night stages. The drivers reasoned that they just had to get through these stages to get enough time to work on the mechanical problems while staying in a top 10 position. 

However, the pitch dark stages were plagued with mist while the fog set. Fetela Rally Team’s lights were not set up correctly and the drivers were forced to complete the remaining stage without the extra illumination, which lost them considerable time.

Overnight repairs did not resolve the anti-lag issue and the drivers started Saturday’s leg hoping that their bad luck would not continue.  The team knew that their current pace would not be enough to gain back the lost time from the night stages.

Fetela and Jazwiak were actually able to make good time to chip away at the lost time, but bad luck quickly resurfaced on day’s longest stage, Little Rock, when a fuel issue materialized to slow their pace. The drivers went into conservation mode in order to save their engine  and they fell from sixth to eighth place.

Despite the problems, the Fetela Rally Team preserved to salvage a seventh overall finish.

“On one hand, we knew that would could have finished higher but on the other, we are very happy with good points,” said Peter Fetela, “Most of all, we had an amazing experience and learned a lot. That will benefit us in the future.”

Fetela Rally Team thanks Mike and Lucas for keeping their car healthy and to all their sponsors and fans for their unbelievable support.

Fetela Rally Team will be at the Lake Superior Performance Rally, the last round of the Rally America National Championship, in Houghton, Michigan on October 17-18.

Photo: D. Benard.