July 25, 2016 -- The current points leader in the NARC race for 2016 is Driver - David Higgins who is competing in a 2016 Subaru STI.  

The NARC is a competition designed to stimulate international participation between Canada and the United States. Events counting for this cup are all of the full national championship events in the Canadian Rally Championship and the Rally America Championship. Competitors must qualify for scoring by running at least one event in both countries .
If a competitor runs one event in both countries, they can count up to 3 events in one country and 1 in the other for a total of 4 events.
If a competitor runs two events in both countries, he can count up to up to 4 events in one country and 2 in the other for a total of 6 events.
The NARC recognizes drivers, co-drivers and marques in overall and two-wheel drive competition.  NOTE: This language is provided by CARS and you can view the ongoing developments as they post here 

Rally America wishes you all the best of luck for the remainder of the Season.