by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Images via Racer Dave

Dave Brown // Littleton, Colorado // #194 Open Light

It takes some serious skill to bring anything but an Open class car to the top of the Rally America National Championship, and yet that’s exactly what Dave Brown has done so far this year. Entering his home event at Rally Colorado, the defending event winner and 2018 Sno*Drift winner leads the driver’s championship by two points over Piotr Fetela. Get to know the man in the helmet a little better:

What made you want to start rallying?

Who doesn't want to rally?!?!? It's the stuff dreams are made of. The best of the best race rally and they are able to do amazingly insane things in crazy conditions with no safety barriers. I just never thought I'd actually have to opportunity to do it myself.

When was your first event and how did you do?

I started in rallycross three years ago and got killed! My first hillclimb was two years ago and I was the second fastest Open Light car which was pretty exciting. My first stage rally was just over a year ago and I got third in class which was pretty amazing!

When was your first really memorable result—win or podium—and how did you get there?

Just under a year ago I competed in my second stage rally ever and won first place overall nationally at Rally Colorado! We were the first and are still the only people to have won an overall national event in an Open Light car, an accomplishment we repeated at Sno*Drift!

Who is your usual co-driver, and when did you two start rallying together?

Mike Brown. He is my brother and the only person who has co-driven for me. We started in hill climbs two years ago and stage rally just over a year ago.

What’s your favorite event on the Rally America schedule?

Rally Colorado so far. It's definitely a drivers race. Every turn is different and the terrain is constantly changing so you can't just get into a rhythm and cruise. You have to be on your game and incredibly focused every second.

Do you have any pre-event routines?

I really don't have anything in particular that I do immediately before starting a race. Mike and I always do a pre-race safety check before every stage to make sure we have helmets strapped, HANS devices hooked up, mics plugged in and harnesses tight. That's about it.

Which other drivers in your class do you respect the most?

Nate Ellis at Whiskey Throttle Rally is awesome to watch because he really tries to put a show on for the fans and has a lot of fun doing it. That's really cool! Also, being in Open Light, it’s a class for people who are just getting started like me, and it's really inspiring to see the new guys getting out there and overcoming their own personal challenges and making it happen. They don't complain about not having the best equipment. They just get out there, have fun and often surprise a lot of people with their speed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to meet Dave’s co-driver, Mike Brown!