by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Image via Honda Racing/HPD

The sport of rally requires both driver and co-driver to have full faith and complete trust in one another to perform their respective roles to the best of their ability. The top Rally America National Championship teams feature crews so in tune with one another that they can probably finish each other’s sentences.

Our latest edition of In the Cockpit features the HPD/Maxxis Rally Team of driver Chris Sladek and co-driver J Sharps. See just how well they know one another as they talk about various aspects of the sport and each event:

Who calls the shots between the two of you during a race weekend?

Chris: J for sure calls all the shots, if I've learned anything in my short time in rally it's to always trust your co-driver!
J: I do! I feel that it is the co-drivers job to make sure everything is where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Which one of you fell in love with rallying first?

Chris: J has been around rally for a few more years than I have, so probably him.
J: Of course it was me! No in all seriousness I have no idea, I think a better question would be who fell in love faster, because I know the first time I went down stage I had the “ITCH.”

If you two swapped seats, who would adapt better to the other’s job?

Chris: I'm sure J said me but I think he's a better driver that he gives himself credit for. I've been a co-driver before and I know I'm not as good as J!
J: I feel Chris is more capable of taking over the reins of co-driver. He has performed the job before and did very well. I have no competition driving experience but would love to give it a try.

Who enjoys doing recce more before an event?

Chris: I think I probably enjoy recce the most since it allows me to get the lay of the land better than just watching film.
J: I feel like we both enjoy recce just the same, it gives us a chance to improve on the notes and hopefully increase our pace throughout the weekend.

Who celebrates more after the finish of an event?

Chris: Me. Few things beat a champagne spray after a successful rally, plus spraying J with champagne is so much fun!
J: Definitely Chris! He loves to spray the champagne all over everyone!