October 21, 2017

Dear Rally America Organizers, Competitors and Workers,

This letter is a summary of rule changes for 2018 along with the schedule of Rally America events for 2018.  These changes will appear shortly in bulletin form, which will be integrated into the 2018 Rally America rulebook:

The 2018 Rally America Classes: 

Open:  Open class cars are still eligible for the Rally America National Championship. Open class will be scored for a regional class championship but there is no separate National Open Class championship. (Open is scored overall-only for Nationals, same as 2017).

Super Production:  Super Production changes from a Production Category class to an Open Category class.  The NLO rule set has been slightly modified and is now called SP.  Previously legal NLO cars are now legal for SP, as are all previously legal SP (and PGT) cars.  SP will be scored as both a regional and national class. 

Open Light:  Unchanged but will now be a National Championship Class and is also still a regional championship class.

2 Wheel Drive, G5, G2, B-Spec:  Unchanged from 2017; 2wd combined class remains National only.  G2, G5, classes are regional only. B-Spec is national and regional class.  There is no tire brand requirement for 2018.

2018 Points and “Super Rally”:  The points scoring format and re-start rules return to a simpler format more similar to 2016.  All events can be counted towards the National Championship; there are no “drops” and no mandatory events.  “Super Rally” scoring returns, but now may be applied to either day (but not both days) of a National Event, with larger time penalties for missed stages and a points bonus awarded to National finishers not using the “Super Rally” scoring.  Stand-alone Regional Events will pay position points at 50% of a national event, but without the 2-day finishing bonus.  Therefore the maximum points at national event is 29, a maximum of 12 for a regional event:

Rally America Championship Points 2018

Finish Position National PTS  50% National PTS scored at Stand-Alone Regionals Regional PTS
1st 20 10 20
2nd 15 8 15
3rd 12 6 12
4th 10 5 10
5th 8 4 8
6th 6 3 6
7th 4 2 4
8th 3 2 3
9th 2 1 2
10th 1 1 1














Regional or National Start Point = 1
Finish Points for competitor not using “Super Rally” = 8
Finish Point for competitor using “Super Rally”  = 1
Finish Points with DNF = 0
Regional Finish Points = 1
“Super Rally” can only be used for one day of a National Rally, not both.

2018 Schedule:
Nemadji Winter Trail Rally December 2, 2017

Sno*Drift - January 26 & 27
100 Acre Wood - March 16 & 17
Southern Ohio Forest Rally - May 18 & 19
Rally Colorado - July 20 & 21
Summer Sno*Drift - August 4
Rally Wyoming - September 7 & 8
Show Me - October 6
Lake Superior Performance Rally - October 19 & 20

Thank you,
Mike Hurst
Competition Director                                       
Rally America