Subaru Rally Team USA took over the lead from Rockstar Energy Drink Rally Team's Antoine L'Estage at the end of the first day of Sno*Drift Rally by 26 seconds. Higgins experienced some overheating problems early on, and L'Estage suffered a tire puncture on stage 5 to give up 32 seconds to Higgins. L'Estage still held on to slight lead, but the night stages separated the top two competitors. With a full day of rally left both Higgins and L'Estage are still locked in a tight battle over icy conditions that can change the story in an instant. 

Super Production's Lauchlin O'Sullivan leads the class while maintaining third overall, and 2WD's Matthew Johnson holds a large lead in his Scion xD. 




  • Subaru Rally team USA explains their day two situation at the Atlanta, MI Parc Expose. 
  • Rockstar Energy Drink Rally Team's Antoine L'Estage is still within striking distance to Subaru Rally Team USA. A win for L'Estage at Sno*Drift will be his second in a row.
  • Top three after Stage 12: David Higgins, Antoine L'Estage +:44.3, Lauchlin O'Sullivan +7:00.2. SRT USA's David Higgins adds more distance to his lead over Antoine L'Estage. 
  • There is a familiar car at the Sno*Drift National Rally currently 5th overall, but a pair of new faces behind the wheel. Meet Canadian Rally Championship drivers Alex Geland and Lyne Murphy in their first Rally America event.
  • Subaru Rally Team USA's David Higgins and Craig Drew entered the second service of Sno*Drift without any reported problems. The team has one more leg before the end of the rally. Remember, Higgins lost last year's Sno*Drift on the last stage to Antoine L'Estage.
  • Top three after Stage 16: David Higgins, Antoine L'Estage +:58.6, Lauchlin O'Sulllivan +8:56.7. Both David Higgins and Antoine L'Estage had clean 2nd leg, ready for final leg.




  • After a tough 2013 Rally America season, Lauchlin O'Sullivan is pleased to be in the Super Production lead and third overall at the start of the second day of Sno*Drift.
  • Top three Super Production after Stage 12: Lauchlin O'Sullivan, Dillon Van Way +1:49.0, Nick Roberts +3:57.4. Lauchlin O'Sullivan is also 3rd overall.
  • Top three Super Production after Stage 16: Lauchlin O'Sullivan, Dillon Van Way +0:07.6, Nick Roberts +3:53.2. Dillon Van Way makes huge improvements in the second leg to be just seconds from O'Sullivan place. Last leg coming up!



  • Driver and Honda Engineer, James Robinson, is missing a Honda Fit bumper. He leads the B-SPEC class at the start of Sno*Drift day two.
  • Top 2WD three after Stage 12: Matthew Johnson, Troy Miller +7:04.2, Panos Karpidos +17:32.0. Scion Racing Rally xD's Matthew Johnson adds more time to his 2WD lead.
  • B-SPEC driver, Tracy Gardiner, had a suspected mechanical problem, and stuck on transit between SS11 & SS12.
  • Top 2WD three after Stage 16: Matthew Johnson, Troy Miller +10:68.0, Panos Karpidos +22:02.5.
  • Matthew Johnson hasn't been in the rally driver's seat for 4 years. In his first event since returning, Johnson is 4 stages away from 2WD victory.
  • Troy Miller is in 2WD second place in just his first national event! Learn more about this rally newcomer and his quest for the 2014 Rookie of the Year award.





  • After winning yesterday's Sno Regional Rally, Erik Zenz and Dustin Masters barely leads the Drift Regional Rally. Jon Kramer and Jared Lantzy in 2nd place +0:00.5, and Jaroslaw Sozanski and Ben Slocum in 3rd place +:24.1. 
  • Top three after Stage 16 for Drift Regional Rally; Erik Zenz, Jaroslaw Sozanski +:31.2, Jon Kramer +:34.3. The tightest battle is taking place in the Drift Regional Rally! 4 stages to go. 

Photo: Alex Haugen