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Lake Superior Performance Rally

October 19, 2013

Houghton, MI

Central Regional Rally

The Rally America National Championship began in Michigan and will end in Michigan at the oldest, toughest and meanest rally event known as the Lake Superior Performance Rally.

The LSPR Rally has a rich rally racing history stemming back to 1949 when it was known as the Press-On-Regardless Rally - a Time-Speed-Distance event - and also as a round of the World Rally Championship in 1973 and 1974. Known as the Lake Superior Rally in 1994 when it was part of the SCCA ProRally Championship, Rally America picked up LSPR as a national championship event in 2005 and it remained on the schedule through 2009.

Rally competitors dream all year to tackle the notoriously difficult roads that provide the ultimate test of endurance, skill and ingenuity. The LSPR Rally is a fitting end to the season saving the best for last.

Parent Event: Lake Superior Performance Rally
Car # Class Driver / CoDriver Stage Reason Penalty
550 Open Light Justin Pritchard / Ryan Scott SS2: Green Acres 2 Servicing within a control zone 10:00.0
  SS7: Menge Creek North Mechanical 0:01.0
  Total 10:01.0
93 Open Light Brandon Ziejewski / Landyn Fors SS3: Menge Creek South 9 min late to ATC3 1:30.0
  SS10: Menge 2 min late to ATC10 0:20.0
  Total 1:50.0
651 Open Light Kristofer Yahner / Tony Benusa SS4: Baraga Plains 1 min early RGC in; 1 min late ATC 4 1:10.0
11 Group 2 Matt Brandenburg / Tim Oliver SS3: Menge Creek South 6 min late to ATC In-Covington Service 1:00.0
654 Group 2 David Grenwis / Drew Burkholder SS3: Menge Creek South 1 min late to ATC3 0:10.0
573 Group 2 Joshua Kramer / James Guitar SS7: Menge Creek North 1 min late to ATC7 0:10.0
510 Group 2 Jim Scray / Colin Vickman SS9: Menge Creek North 2 1 min late to RGC In Covington 0:10.0
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