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Sno*Drift Rally

January 25 - 26, 2013

Atlanta, MI

National Rally Championship Event

The Sno*Drift Rally is the first stop on the Rally America National Championship calendar and it is a full-on battle that takes place over snow and ice across the back roads of northern Michigan without studded tires! It’s a slippery and extremely challenging event that demands full concentration from the driver and co-driver in keeping the car from getting stuck in snowbanks.This dedicated snow and ice event is the most unique on the Rally America National Championship calendar promising plenty of sliding in even the worst weather conditions.

Associated Events: Sno*Attack, Drift Regional, Sno Regional
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Antoine L'Estage / Nathalie Richard 2:24:22.0
2 O David Higgins / Craig Drew 2:24:28.2
3 O Leonid Urlichich / Carl Williamson 2:36:12.4
4 O Ugo Desgreniers / Erik Kirby 2:39:05.2
5 O Adam Yeoman / Jordan Schulze 2:45:22.6
6 O Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino 2:46:06.8
7 SP Evan Cline / Jake Blattner 2:46:16.2
8 2WD Andrew Comrie-Picard / Jeremy Wimpey 2:50:57.5
9 2WD Dillon Van Way / Andrew Edwards 2:55:58.8
10 SP Mason Moyle / John Hall 2:56:32.0
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Please visit to view lodging and contact information in the Sno*Drift Rally local area.

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