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New England Forest Rally

July 13, 2012

Newry, ME

Eastern Regional Rally

Challenging logging roads with some of the longest stages on the circuit set the tone for the New England Forest Rally.  Always a favorite with drivers due to the technical demands of the course, this rally is also a crowd pleaser because of its stunning scenery and wildlife.  Quintessential northeastern settings such as winding creeks and one-lane bridges add not only beauty to the race, but also added excitement when encountered by drivers at breakneck speeds.

Parent Event: New England Forest Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Maciej Przybysz / Carrie Wilburn 35:38.5
2 L Mark Piatkowski / Robert Maciejski 35:59.8
3 O Tingwu Song / Martin Brady 36:04.3
4 SP Martin Egan / Jarrah Lankas 38:46.2
5 G2 Danny Grant / Robert Sockalexis 39:22.9
6 G2 Matt Brandenburg / Wyatt Knox 40:07.5
7 SP Niall Johnson / Daniela Manago 40:16.1
8 L Rory Gardiner / Steven Harrell 40:46.6
9 G2 Steve Nowicki / Jimmy Brandt 40:55.5
10 O Richard Spaulding / Duncan Spaulding 41:04.3
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Warm, dry weather is consistent with summertime in Maine and New Hampshire.  Spectators normally enjoy bright blue skies, which makes watching the rally cars fly by even more fun.  Active logging roads present their own set of special challenges to drivers, requiring different driving techniques than at other gravel rallies.  With roads wide enough to accommodate massive logging trucks, the temptation to drive flat-out using the whole road is great.  But rocks and ruts at the edges of the roads await the unwary drivers who fail to pay anything but the utmost attention to the road at all times—and mistakes can be very, very costly!

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