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North Nevada Rally 1

July 7, 2012

LoveLock, NV

South West Regional Rally

Known for its smooth stages, challenging switchbacks, and the famous “Cow Corner” hairpin, the 2012 running of the North Nevada Rally will be a two-day event, with 40 miles of stages on Friday followed by 80 miles on Saturday.

The Friday stages will begin in the evening in Lovelock, NV. The competitors will get a “preview” of the stages by running 20 miles before nightfall. Then, after dark, they will run the same stages in the opposite direction.

Saturday will return to the well-known stages near Gerlach, home of Burning Man. The southern stage dips through some sandy washes, then leads to two big jumps, followed by a run through a canyon leading to the “Cow Corner” hairpin. The northern stage is of a completely different character, with tight turns and switchbacks leading up to the pass of Purgatory Peak.

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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 G2 Andrew Lockhart / Robin Lockhart 1:07:02.0
2 G2 Pete Pollard / Seri Traver 1:09:41.0
3 G2 Erik Christiansen / Amy Floyd 1:11:21.0
4 G2 Sarkis Mazmanian / Michael Mazmanian 1:13:32.0
5 P John Black / Marra Estep 1:13:46.0
6 L Ray Piloto / Mike Arfuso 1:15:50.0
7 G2 Chuck Wilson / Brent Ellzey 1:17:25.0
8 P Chris Rosner / Victoria Rosner 1:28:06.0
9 L Ivan Tzvetanov / Yang Tan 1:29:49.0
10 G2 Kristopher Marciniak / Christine Marciniak 1:42:38.0
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