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Lake Superior Rally

October 15, 2011

Houghton, MI


The Lake Superior Performance Rally takes place during peak foliage season in Northern Michigan, which means that this rally is always one of the most unforgettable and picturesque. Headquartered in Houghton, a town whose motto is A nice place to live, this year’s rally will consist entirely of traditional Friday stages. This year’s LSPR will include both “Max Attack!” for two wheel drive cars and the Rally America “Regional Rally Cup” for the top drivers from all four Rally America regional championships.

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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 G2 Jan Zedril / Jody Zedril 2:20:34.0
2 G2 Joseph Burke / Alexander Kihurani 2:22:32.0
3 G2 Billy Mann / Mary Warren 2:33:13.0
4 G2 Silas Himes / Matt Himes 2:33:29.0
5 G2 Chris Czyzio / Jeff Secor 2:46:15.0
6 G2 Ian Seppanen / Dexter Clark 2:58:48.0
7 P Steve Brockelman / Dustin Masters 2:59:21.0
8 G2 Cameron Steely / Josh Buller 3:01:20.0
9 G2 Daryn Chernick / Matthew Conte 3:08:34.0
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Jan Zedril

Jan Zedril


Jody Zedril

Jody Zedril

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// Venue

Weather conditions can vary greatly in late October. There can be anything from warm temperatures with bright blue skies to heavy rain or snow. Storm systems build quickly on water the size of Lake Superior, which means that the weather can change very rapidly. This means that drivers need to be ready for any type of weather at any time of the day.

Reduced rates for the Lake Superior Performance Rallies at the headquarters-
Country Inn & Suites In Houghton, MI.

Also Franklin Square Inn AKA past HQ.

Also available are other local hotels also listed at this link.

Any questions please contact Joanne Hospitality Officer for the LSPR 2011 event at

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