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Perryville Farm and Forest Rally

October 29, 2011

Perryville, MO

Central Regional Rally

The Perryville Farm and Forest Rally is the perfect opportunity to learn the sport of rally or shake down a new car. The event takes place over a single day in conjunction with the Perryville Chili Cookoff on October 29th. Overlooking the Mississippi River, the event will start on Saturday morning in Perryville and finish in Altenburg.  Parc Expose’ will take place at the Perryville town square and service in Altenburg.

Parent Event: Perryville Farm and Forest Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 G5 Dillon Van Way / Jake Blattner 13:51.7
2 G2 Mark Huebbe / Jimmy Brandt 14:16.1
3 L Rob Weir / Matt Nichols 14:17.0
4 L Tyler Witte / Elliott Sherwood 14:24.9
5 O Slawomir Balda / Piotr Boczek 14:26.8
6 L Matthew Conte / Ron Erickson 14:39.7
7 L Charles Surdyke / Kim DeMotte 14:43.2
8 G2 Ron Malott / Paul Malott 14:52.5
9 G2 Brian Schwantner / David Schwantner 14:57.6
10 G5 Anthony Wood / Sam Wood 16:17.7
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Jake Blattner

Jake Blattner

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All 37 miles of stage roads are on unbonded surfaces. Most roads are smooth, hard packed gravel/sand with two passes down each of the four stages.

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