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Mt. Hood Rally

October 22, 2011

Hood River, OR

North West Regional Rally

Mt. Hood Rally History

The first Mt. Hood Rally was in 2002, and consisted of 11 stage miles run entirely on Mt. Hood National Forest roads.  There was one road (17 Road) run once in each direction.  15 teams entered the event.  The event was chaired by Simon Levear and sanctioned as a ClubRally by SCCA.

In 2003, Mt. Hood became a Co-Efficient 2 event, with 48 stage miles.  Mt. Hood that year used the 17 Road stage again, and added Lower 8, Pollywog, and a Hood River County Road named Gilhouley.  26 teams entered the event that year.

In 2004, Mt. Hood grew to a Co-Efficient 3 event.  Unfortunately severe rain the week before the event left a portion of the Mt. Defiance stage unusable and stages were shortened.  The 2004 event was followed the next day by the Hood River Rally, a Co-Efficient 2 event, using Hood River County Road Gilhouley.  There were 32 teams entered that year.

In 2005, many changes took place at the National Forest.  One significant change was the determination that motorsports could only take place in certain designated areas of the forest.  The 17 Road was designated, but most other National Forest roads became off limits.  Efforts were underway to identify more county roads, when an out of state lawsuit caused the loss of the 17 Road for that year.  With only one stage road to use, Gilhouley, the event Chair Simon Levear, decided to cancel the event for that year.  The lawsuit maintained that the Forest Service had not followed proper procedures that required a 60 days comment period before granting certain permits.  Since the Mt. Hood permit was of this type, the Forest Service felt they would have to allow a 60 day comment period.  Since this was determined less than 60 days before the event date, the event could not happen that year.

In 2006, Mt Hood took place again as a Co3 event, using the 17 Road, Gilhouley, and a new stage named Fir Mountain.  20 teams entered the event.

In 2007, Mt Hood again included the 17 Road, Gilhouley, and new configuration of the Fir Mountain stage taking it from a 5 miles stage to a 13 mile stage, which crossed into Wasco County.  21 teams entered the event.

In 2008, Mt Hood again included the 17 Road, Gilhouley, and Fir Mountain.  The event also added RallyMoto that year and 23 cars and 29 bikes entered the event.

2009 saw a similar format to previous events.

The 2010 event was won overall by Byron Garth and Jake Blattner is a Subaru WRX, just 4 seconds faster than 2nd overall and 2nd in Open class Carl Decker and Jason Grahn in a Subaru Impreza.  3rd overall and 3rd in Open class was Brian Svedin and Teresa Buren also in a Subaru Impreza.  First in PGT in a Subaru WRX was Mark Tabor and Ben Bradley.  First in Group 2 was Dave Henderson and Terry McDowell in a Mazda3.  First in Group 5 were Sean and Jenne Medcroft in a Merkur XR4Ti.  First in Open Lite was Nate Foley and Krista Skucas in a Subaru Impreza, and first in Production was Bruce Tabor and John Elkin in a Nissan Sentra SE-R.

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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Carl Decker / Adam M Craig 44:45.0
2 SP Byron Garth / Jason Grahn 44:47.0
3 SP Dave Henderson / Terrence McDowell 45:08.0
4 O Brian Svedin / Teresa Buren 45:36.0
5 O David Sterckx / Karen Jankowski 45:47.0
6 G2 George Doganis / Thomas Smith 47:42.0
7 G2 Brian Gottlieb / Don Burress 47:51.0
8 G2 Adam Crane / Britta Nielsen 47:52.0
9 G2 Dave Clark / Jenatte Clark 48:00.0
10 G2 Garth Ankeny / Russ Kraushaar 48:16.0
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Carl Decker

Carl Decker


Adam M Craig

Adam M Craig

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// Venue

Climate:  Average October high temperature in Hood River: 64.5º F
            Average October low temperature in Hood River: 36.7º F
            Average October Precipitation in Hood River: 2.21 inches
Hood River:  Hood River boasts a spectacular view of both Mount Hood and the Columbia River and has become a vacation spot for ever-increasing numbers of windsurfers, or sailboarders. Nearby recreational activities include fishing, skiing, and hiking.

The Mt. Hood Rally does not have a “Headquarters” Hotel.

Camping is available in the area and at Tollbridge Park (541) 352-5522


Columbia Gorge Hotel
4000 Westcliff Dr
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-5566
(800) 345-1921          
Comfort Inn
2625 Cascade Ave
Hood River, OR 97031-1078

Hood River Hotel
102 Oak St
Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-1900
(800) 386–1859
Hood River Inn-Riverside Grill
1108 E Marina Way
Hood River, OR 97031-2305

Lone Pine Motel
2429 Cascade Ave
Hood River, OR 97031-1003

Oak Street Hotel
610 Oak St
Hood River, OR 97031-1812

Praters Motel
1306 Oak St
Hood River, OR 97031-1412
Riverview Lodge
1505 Oak Street
Hood River, OR
(800) 789-9568

Sunset Motel
2300 Cascade Ave
Hood River, OR 97031-1075

Vagabond Lodge
4070 Westcliff Dr
Hood River, OR 97031-8711

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort
10755 Cooper Spur Road
Mt. Hood OR 97041
(541) 352-6692

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