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Mendocino Rally

August 6, 2011

Ukiah, CA

South West Regional Rally

The original Mendocino Forest Rally ran from 1975 to 1982.  The entry lists included all the top drivers, John Buffum, Rod Millen, Hendrik Blok, Dan Goodwin, Scott Harvey, Wayne Baldwin, Ray Hocker, Jim Olinger, and many more. It was an all-night event covering hundreds of miles. The 1976 edition, for example, covered almost 300 miles in 26 stages, with 40 starters and 26 finishers, and continued all night despite a raging forest fire.  The 1980 event had 223 stage miles, 47 entries, and 21 finishers.

The Mendocino Red Tail Rally is sanctioned by RallyCar as a coefficient 2 regional event. The rally will feature almost 60 stage miles of twisty hard-packed dirt roads, and less than 40 miles of transits.  The frequent turns in the highly technical course will keep both drivers and co-drivers busy.

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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 L John Rademacher / Jeana Yi 60:07.0
2 G2 George Doganis / Thomas Smith 1:01:01.0
3 G2 Adam Crane / Sean Medcroft 1:01:43.0
4 G2 Andrew Lockhart / Robin Lockhart 1:02:34.0
5 L Kevin Kardos / Corey Salsbery 1:05:23.0
6 G2 Jason Staats / John 'Nick' Taylor 1:06:02.0
7 G2 Albert Kun / Don Burress 1:06:47.0
8 G2 Javier Olivares / Jonathon Heinz 1:09:13.0
9 G2 Jennifer Imai / Terry Stonecipher 1:12:04.0
10 G2 Sean Lane / Christian Coulter 1:49:49.0
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Jeana Yi

Jeana Yi

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The hard packed dirt roads of South Cow Mountain are smooth and flowing, with lots of turns, very few straights, and no significant rocks, ruts or water bars.  About half the roads are wide enough to allow easy passing or, better yet, a choice of approaches into the next turn.  There are a few double cautions, but no triples.

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