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January 29, 2010

Atlanta, MI

Central Regional Rally

Sno*Drift is the first stop on the Rally America National Championship calendar and it is a full-on battle that takes place over snow and ice across the back roads of northeastern lower Michigan.

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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Henry Krolikowski / Cynthia Krolikowski 1:27:17.8
2 L Jaroslaw Sozanski / Bartosz Sawicki 1:30:02.9
3 G5 Greg Woodside / Tom Woodside 1:32:29.3
4 G2 Chris Greenhouse / Pamela McGarvey 1:35:44.5
5 O Piotr Fetela / Ray Vambuts 1:36:00.9
6 L Andrew Hyde / Tyler Bell 1:36:10.4
7 G5 Evan Moen / Don DeRose 1:37:04.3
8 SP David Allan / Tammy Allan 1:37:26.9
9 L Jeremiah Johnson / Dylan McGee 1:37:53.6
10 G2 Jan Zedril / Jody Zedril 1:38:09.5
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Winter conditions in Michigan are hard to predict, but some combination of fresh snow and glazed ice can always be expected. Current rules restrict rally cars from using studded ice tires which makes finding traction extremely difficult for the drivers. If there has been good snowfall in the days leading up to the rally expect to see large snowbanks lining the roads. These snowbanks can be a help and a hazard for drivers as they try to stay on the road. Dress for warmth and don’t forget to bring your snowmobile!

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