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Olympus Rally

April 19, 2009

Aberdeen, WA

North West Regional Rally

The Olympus Rally was part of the first US Rally Championship held in 1973. It later became a World Rally Championship from 1986- 1988, and was the last event featuring the infamous “Group B” rally cars. Today, the tradition and the rich history of the Olympus Rally is a welcome addition to the Rally America Championship calendar.

Parent Event: Olympus Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Malcolm Davies / Bruce Parker 43:25.9
2 O Brian Svedin / Ben Bradley 43:40.3
3 PGT Mike Goodwin / Tina Warner 43:59.2
4 PGT Mark Tabor / Kathryn Hansen 45:08.2
5 G2 Stephen Janny / Frances Janny 51:35.0
6 G2 Brian Gottlieb / Joshua Rustigan 54:14.5
7 G2 Phil Meyers / Devin McKenna 57:56.4
8 L Byron Garth / Ryan McPhee 1:06:42.8
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Bruce Parker

Bruce Parker

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With the green Olympic National Forest due North of Aberdeen and a steadfast spring rain in the peninsula, the Olympus Rally is no stranger to moisture. However, due to the area being so close to the Pacific Ocean, weather patterns are incredibly difficult to predict. Teams will have to be prepared for pooling water or dry dusty conditions when selecting tires.

The Olympus Rally will greet drivers with extremely tight and technical roads with plenty of elevation changes. Tires will not last long on the sharp gravel, and hidden rocks and logs will wreck havoc on suspension systems. The Olympus Rally will provide plenty of surprises up to the last stage mile!

Guesthouse Inn & Suites - Rally Headquarters - 701 East Heron, (360) 537-7460
Nordic Inn Hotel - (360) 533-0100
Olympic Inn Hotel - 616 W. Heron Street, (360) 533-4200
Best Value Inn - 521 West Wishkah Street, (360) 532-5210

SPECTATOR GUIDES AVAILABLE for pickup at the following locations on April 16:
7-11 Stores in Aberdeen (904 East Market St and 411 S Boone St)
7-11 Stores in Hoquiam (201 Lincoln St)
76 Gas Station in South Bent (104 East Robert Bush Dr & Hwy 101)
Chevron Gas Station in Raymond (622 Heath St & Hwy 101)

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