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Rally Colorado

September 13, 2008

Steamboat Springs, CO

South West Regional Rally

Now in its fourth year as a national level rally, Rally Colorado is shaping up to become one of America’s best and biggest rallies. The rally is based in the beautiful year-round resort community of Steamboat Springs, just a short drive west into the mountains from Denver. The landscape includes fast sections of road and open areas for great spectating. The high altitude, coupled with fast straights put the high horsepower Open class cars at a distinct advantage.

Parent Event: Rally Colorado
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Steve Bis / Brian Moody 1:08:30.1
2 G2 Jeremy Brown / Simon Branton-Housley 1:11:57.0
3 O Michael Rose / Rebecca Greek 1:12:10.4
4 G2 Michel Hoche-Mong / Jimmy Brandt 1:15:01.4
5 O Andrew Morton / Aaron Searle 1:19:49.8
6 O Larry Schmidt / Erik Schmidt 1:20:36.7
7 PGT Bryan Short / Kim DeMotte 1:23:49.8
8 G5 Grant Hughes / Scott McCarty 1:26:21.9
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Steve Bis


Brian Moody

Brian Moody

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The high altitude and subsequent lack of oxygen at this event saps the rally cars’ power. Despite this drain, the event features many high speed sections on flowing roads. Expect variable weather and some dust if the weather is dry.

Mountain Resorts: 970-879-3700

Super 8 Motel: 970-879-5230

Bunkhouse Lodge: 970-871-9121

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