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Oregon Trail Rally

April 20, 2007

Portland, OR

North West Regional Rally

The third race on Rally America’s schedule, Oregon Trail takes place in the woods outside the city of Portland. With fast stretches combined with twisting wooded runs through the Tillamook State Forest this rally is always packed with excitement. The lush, wet woods provide trees and ditches galore that are constant worries for the drivers and their co-drivers. This rally is very fan friendly with spectator sites scattered all along the course.

Parent Event: Oregon Trail Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Dave Hintz / Richard Hintz 11:40.6
2 O Paul Eklund / Jeff R Price 11:45.0
3 O James Unger / John Reed 12:21.6
4 O Ralph Kosmides / John Dillon 12:23.0
5 O Mark Mager / Miller Dumaoal 12:30.8
6 G2 Peter Barnes / Ronald Crawford 12:35.1
7 O Barrett Dash / Jonathan Schiller 12:35.4
8 O Carey Wright / Don Flagg 12:40.1
9 O Steve Greer / Kelly Greer 12:42.5
10 PGT Brian Svedin / Bill Clark 12:52.3
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Dave Hintz

Dave Hintz


Richard Hintz

Richard Hintz

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The Pacific Northwest weather is an ever changing variable. With rain likely in April, the roads can be extremely muddy and wet; however, it is just as possible for them to be dry and dusty. Dropping temperatures may, in extreme situations, even create snow and sleet which can wreak havoc on the course. This Oregon Trail may not be as treacherous as the one that the pioneers encountered, but these drivers and their crews can definitely expect the unexpected!

Red Lion Hotel Hillsboro (HEADQUARTERS),  3500 NE Cornell Road, Hillsboro, OR, |97124, (503) 648.3500

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