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Oregon Trail Rally

April 20 - 22, 2007

Portland, OR

National Rally Championship Event

The third race on Rally America’s schedule, Oregon Trail takes place in the woods outside the city of Portland. With fast stretches combined with twisting wooded runs through the Tillamook State Forest this rally is always packed with excitement. The lush, wet woods provide trees and ditches galore that are constant worries for the drivers and their co-drivers. This rally is very fan friendly with spectator sites scattered all along the course.

Associated Events: Trails End, Oregon or Bust, Wagons Ho!
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Andrew Pinker / Patrick Walsh 2:00:32.8
2 O Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino 2:01:18.9
3 O Tanner Foust / Christine Beavis 2:01:37.3
4 O Paul Choiniere / Jeffrey Becker 2:07:51.5
5 O Matthew Iorio / Ole Holter 2:08:12.6
6 GN Wyeth Gubelmann / Nathalie Richard 2:08:30.8
7 PGT Stephan Verdier / Scott Crouch 2:09:55.9
8 PGT Norm LeBlanc / Keith Morison 2:11:53.9
9 PGT Patrick Moro / Mike Rossey 2:13:49.3
10 PGT Jamie Cavett / Matthew Gauger 2:14:31.8
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Andrew Pinker

Andrew Pinker


Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

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  • Ball Game:  Block, Pastrana, Foust, Johnson, and Bartram go over the evening’s schedule.
  • Ball Game:  Block and Pastrana practice before the game.
  • Ball Game:  Travis and the Beaver.
  • Ball Game:  Block and Pastrana – how does he do that?
  • Ball Game:  Ken Block, before the First Pitch.
  • Ball Game:  The First Pitch - Block pitches to Pastrana.
  • Ball Game:  Travis Trivia - the correct answer.
  • Ball Game:  Travis interviews for a local radio broadcast.
  • Ball Game:  Travis interviews for a local radio broadcast.
  • Parc Expose
  • Oregon Trail Rally Events have started!  Thu, Apr 19, 2007
  • Pastrana talking to a fan.
  • Travis and Ken busily signing autographs.
  • ACP at Fanfest.
  • More Fanfest fun!!
  • Fanfest in downtown Portland, OR.
  • No rain in sight at Fanfest.
  • Parc Expose: Matthew Gauger looks over the Route Book.
  • Parc Expose: Spinning wheels.
  • Parc Expose: Inside the Cascade Autosport Service Vehicle.
  • SS1:  Kenny Bartram at the start.
  • SS1:  Justin Pritchard at the start.
  • SS1:  Matthew Iorio / Ole Holter.
  • SS1: Andrew Comrie-Picard / Marc Goldfarb Cross the Start Line
  • SS2:  Matthew Johnson / Jeremy Wimpey
  • SS2:  Lauchlin O'Sullivan / Scott Putnam
  • SS2:  Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino
  • SS2: Patrick Richard / Martin Headland
  • SS4:  Cary Kendall / Scott Friberg
  • SS4: Matthew Johnson / Jeremy Wimpey
  • SS4:  Tanner Foust / Christine Beavis
  • SS5:  The Sun sets on  Lars Wolfe / Scot Langford
  • SS6:  Spectators line the hillside
  • SS6:  Mark Tabor / Benjamin Bradley
  • SS6: Aaron Neumann / Graham Coates
  • SS2: Andrew Havis/Francois Morin
  • SS6:  Matthew Johnson / Jeremy Wimpey
  • SS6:  Tanner Foust / Christine Beavis
  • Blocks car getting attention at the Hotel.
  • SS12:  Michel Hoche-Mong / Sameer Parekh
  • SS12: Jamie Thomas / Matthew Gauger
  • SS12: Stephan Verdier / Scott Crouch
  • SS12:  Norm LeBlanc / Keith Morison
  • SS12: Paul Choiniere / Jeffrey Becker
  • SS12:  Matthew Iorio / Ole Holter
  • SS12:  Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino
  • SS12
  • Part of Richards brake problems.
  • Service:  Stephan Verdier, cleaning his wheels.
  • SS9: Michel Hoche-Mong / Sameer Parekh
  • SS9: Nathan Conley / Brandye Monks
  • SS9:  Kyle Sarasin / Mikael Johansson
  • SS9: Cary Kendall / Scott Friberg
  • SS9:  Tanner Foust / Christine Beavis
  • SS9: Richard's brakes heat up.
  • SS7:  Andrew Havis/Francois Morin
  • SS7:  Barrett Dash / Jonathan Schiller
  • SS7:  Cary Kendall / Scott Friberg
  • SS7:  Stephan Verdier / Scott Crouch
  • SS7: Ramana Lagemann / Mark Williams
  • SS7:  Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino
  • Patrick Walsh and Andrew Pinker celebrate their win.
  • Open Class celebration
  • Christine Beavis and Tanner Foust
  • PGT Celebration
  • Group 5 Celebration
  • Group 2 Celebration
  • Regional Celebration
  • Party at Paul's.
  • Ole Holter and Matthew Iorio look at stage times.
  • Stephan Verdier and Norm LaBlanc
  • PGT Celebration
  • SS15: Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino
  • SS15: Tanner Foust / Christine Beavis
  • SS14: Wyeth Gubelmann/Nathalie Richard
  • SS14: Andrew Havas/Francois Morin
  • SS14: Aaron Neumann / Graham Coates
// Venue

The Pacific Northwest weather is an ever changing variable. With rain likely in April, the roads can be extremely muddy and wet; however, it is just as possible for them to be dry and dusty. Dropping temperatures may, in extreme situations, even create snow and sleet which can wreak havoc on the course. This Oregon Trail may not be as treacherous as the one that the pioneers encountered, but these drivers and their crews can definitely expect the unexpected!

Red Lion Hotel Hillsboro (HEADQUARTERS),  3500 NE Cornell Road, Hillsboro, OR, |97124, (503) 648.3500

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