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100 Acre Wood

February 25 - 26, 2006

Salem, MO

National Rally Championship Event

In its first year on the Rally-America national championship calendar, 100 Acre Wood bridges the traditional 3 month gap between Sno*Drift and Oregon Trail. 100 Acre Wood is named after Winnie the Pooh’s fictional home in the forest, and appropriately runs adjacent to one of the most beautiful mixed woodlands in the country—Mark Twain National Forest.

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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino 1:32:14.7
2 O Alfredo DeDominicis / Massimo Daddoveri 1:33:02.4
3 GN Andrew Pinker / Robbie Durant 1:34:05.0
4 O Otis Dimiters / Alan Ockwell 1:34:53.9
5 PGT Tanner Foust / Scott Crouch 1:34:58.9
6 O Chris Gilligan / Joe Petersen 1:37:13.8
7 O George Plsek / Jeffrey Burmeister 1:37:33.0
8 PGT Matthew Johnson / Carl Fisher 1:38:21.7
9 O Matthew Iorio / Ole Holter 1:38:36.8
10 PGT Eric Langbein / Jeremy Wimpey 1:39:37.5
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Many say that the roads at 100 Acre Wood are among the finest performance rally roads in the country. A combination of hairpin turns and long speedways should ensure an interesting time for all, not to mention the deer and off-road vehicles that sometimes appear out of nowhere. Set against a backdrop of lush green foliage and farmland, 100 Acre Wood should be a race that’s as exhilirating for spectating as it is for driving. To say that February weather in the Ozarks is variable would be an understatement. Historically, race day has been met with rain, sleet, hail, and snow. Spectators should dress in layers and be prepared for anything.

Holiday Inn Express (HEADQUARTERS), 1200 S. Hwy. 19 Salem, MO, 65560 (573) 729-4700

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