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Jeff Seehorn

Started racing Off-road motorcycles at the age 7, raced professional desert and enduros at at 16 and still compete at that level. At age 20 I started road racing motorcycles and after only 3 years went pro in 2006 and raced with the AMA for 3 years.  Still road race at the club level for fun and have aspirations to do more Nationals when the market comes back. In 2008 I started racing a STI in autocross and rallycross events. Fell in love with AWD turbo charged cars and competed in that for 4 years.  Also fell in love with Rally and I can never stand to sit and watch a sport, so I decided to give it a try. Sold my 2008 STI daily driver for buildable 2005 STI and built it for Rally. I’m Excited to give rally a shot and add it to my race resume!

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Started riding motorcycles at age 4, racing motorcycles at 7. I raced professional off-road since I was 15 and then started road-racing motorcycles at age 20.  I road-raced with the AMA for 3 seasons and still race at the club level. I bought a Subaru STI in 2008 and have been hooked on AWD cars since then. I sold my 08 STI in turn to build a 2005 STI for the Super Production class. I qualified for my unrestricted RA license and my first event will be at OTR. Really excited to test my skills as a Rally driver and look forward to competing in (and completing) my first event.

What are your future goals?

My goals in my Novice Rally year are to complete every event entered and learn as much as I can about the sport. Rookie of the year would be on my list too

// About
Name - Jeff Seehorn
Hometown - Rockford, WA
Occupation - Auto Parts Manager

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2016 Olympus Super Prod. 2
2016 Oregon Trail Super Prod. 2
2016 100 Acre Wood Super Prod. 2
2015 Mt Hood Rally Super Prod. 1
2015 Wild West Rally Super Prod. 1
2015 New England Forest Rally Super Prod. DNF
2015 Ray Damitio Rally Super Prod. DNF
2015 Olympus Super Prod. DNF
2015 John Nagel Rally Super Prod. 1
2015 Trails End Super Prod. 1
Show all results...
2015 Shunpiker Stages Super Prod. 1
2015 Wagons Ho! Super Prod. 1
2014 Mt. Hood Regional Super Prod. 2
2014 Ray Damitio Rally Super Prod. 2
2014 John Nagel Rally Super Prod. 1
2014 Trails End Super Prod. 4
2014 Shunpiker Stages Super Prod. 3
2014 Wagons Ho! Super Prod. 3
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