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Kelsey Stone

I grew up in Salem NH. I have always been drawn to cars and racing. My father owns a 1969 Camaro. We would go to car shows and talk to other gear heads I think that was a significant factor for me growing up. When I was 16 I found a 1967 Ford Mustang for sale. I fell in love with the car right away. I still own that car and am doing an overdue restoration on it. just over 2 years ago i started a racing team with a 1987 Volkswagen Golf. We competed in several events in the 24 Hours of Lemosn. The car was almost certainly cursed. We blew up two motors in our first race, completing about 120laps. The second race, we swapped a 1985 honda prelude motor. that motor threw a connecting rod after 65 laps. we did not have a spare motor so we needed to get creative by removing the broken pieces, wedging the piston up against the cylinder wall (we did not have time to pull the head), close the valves to that cylinder, wrap the crank journal with a beer can to try and keep oil pressure, and JB weld the broken pieces of the block back together. The next race we convered the Golf to RWD with a BMW drivetrain. This swap did not work out that well but we won several trophies for our efforts in these races and were featured in an article in “Car and Driver”. I have been wanting to race in rally for a long time. I was very excited to do our first race in september of 2014. We had some issues, not as bad a lemons and we know what we need to improve on for the next race. I am looking forward to competing in Rally America events next year!

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

My first experience in motorsports was competing in the 24 Hours of Lemons. We raced a 1987 Volkswagen golf. The car failed spectacularly in every race we competed in but we won numerous trophies because we never gave up on the car. Spending all night swapping motors, JB welding engine blocks together, and chasing ball bearings from our wheel bearings across the paddocks. My first Rally experience was at the 2014 Black River Stages. We faired better with our new car (1998 bmw 318 ti) than we did at lemons. We had an unfortunate hood vs windshield incident at the end of the first day that took us out of the race. I was hooked on rally racing after that event. It is such a unique and exciting experience.

What are your future goals?

For 2015: I would like to complete our first rally. We were able to get through our first tech inspection and first few stages in 2014. We are improving on our weaknesses discovered on that event and will hopefully be in much better shape for the next event.

// About
Name - Kelsey Stone
Hometown - Salem NH
Occupation - Test Engineer

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2016 New Hampshire Rally Group 2 4
2016 Maine Rally Group 2 6
2016 Finger Lakes Group 2 13
2016 Sherwood Forest Group 2 9
2015 New Hampshire Rally Group 2 DNF
2015 Maine Rally Group 2 7
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