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Tyler Ptacek

Some time back my buddy, Micah, got interested in rally and said something about getting or putting together a car.  Being a fellow gearhead, I said something to the effect that I would co-drive for him if that ever happened.  Fast foreword a few years and we were headed towards Chicago to get the most complete car that was in the budget. After furious two months of trying to get the car into good enough shape to pass tech, we were at 2012 100 Acre green as could be.
After running the shakedown stage, the car developed a nasty shimmy when under power, we tried everything we could think of to get it worked out, but no luck.  We ended up running it as it was which led to a carb linkage failure on stage - we fixed it and the sweep car followed us to the finish. A few stages later we ran out of gas and received our first DNF.  After working late into the night we had all the small issues fixed but the shimmy when under power was still there.  Lacking on sleep we entered day two,  Things were going much better, and we were starting to get into a rhythm when more bad news started filtering its way into the cab - Smoke.  We arrived to the stage thinking that the clutch was mad at life, hoping to baby it to the end we pressed on.  Down stage the smoke started to get pretty bad inside the cab, so we popped the roof scoop and cracked the windows.  Shortly after, when going around corners the oil pressure would drop, so we slowed down around corners to try and keep the motor happy. Eventually even on the straits, we had no pressure so we were forced to pull over an call it a day (oil was everywhere when we popped the hood, later we found a chunk of piston missing and a hole in the block).  It would be our second DNF.
After almost completely redoing the whole car, it was much more rally ready, we were off to Ojibwe. We finished stage 10, but after knocking out a window, totaling a skid plate, and losing the light pod on stage, we were once again forced to retire and received another DNF.  Perryville Farm and Forest was the one, we finally finished.
Now that the car is up to par, we plan on being competitive in Group 2 in up coming seasons, and hope to exceed any limits that the Golf might have.

What are your future goals?

To not receive any more DNF’s.
Place in Central Region Group 2

// About
Name - Tyler Ptacek
Hometown - Jackson, MO
Occupation - Student

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2018 Show-Me Rally National 2WD DNF
2018 Show-Me Rally Group 2 DNF
2018 100 Acre Wood Group 5 DNF
2018 Tresspassers Wil Group 5 3
2018 100 Acre Wood 2WD DNF
2017 Show-Me (REG) Group 2 DNF
2017 Show-Me Rally 2WD DNF
2017 Tresspassers Wil Nat 2WD DNF
2017 Drift National 2WD 9
2017 Sno National 2WD 1
Show all results...
2016 Show Me Rally Group 2 1
2016 100 Acre Wood Group 2 DNF
2016 100 Acre Wood 2WD DNF
2016 Sno Regional Group 2 DNF
2015 Show-Me Rally Group 2 DNF
2015 Finger Lakes Group 2 1
2015 Sherwood Forest Group 2 1
2015 100 Acre Wood Group 2 1
2015 Tresspassers Wil Group 2 DNF
2015 Drift Regional Group 2 7
2015 Sno Regional Group 2 1
2014 Show-Me Rally Group 2 DNF
2014 Paul Bunyan's Ride Group 2 DNF
2014 100 Acre Wood Group 2 DNF
2014 Tresspassers Wil Group 2 DNF
2014 Drift Regional Group 2 2
2014 Sno Regional Group 2 1
2013 Perryville Group 2 DNF
2013 LSPR - Lac Vieux Desert Group 2 11
2013 LSPR - Ottawa Rally Group 2 2
2013 10,000 Lakes Rally Group 2 4
2013 Paul Bunyan's Ride Group 2 7
2013 100 Acre Wood Group 2 4
2013 Tresspassers Wil Group 2 DNF
2013 Drift Regional Group 2 DNF
2013 Sno Regional Group 2 1
2012 Perryville 1 Group 2 2
2012 Perryville 2 Group 2 2
2012 Ojibwe Forests Rally Group 2 DNF
2012 100 Acre Wood Group 2 DNF
2012 Tresspassers Wil Group 2 DNF
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