Driver // Leelyn Pritchard

Leelyn Pritchard

2011 South CRS Rallyx Championship-1st Place-S4
2011 Glen Helen Rallyx Championship-2nd Place-S4

2011 Prescott Rally-3rd Place-CRSGT
2011 Seed9 Rally-1st Place-Open Light

2011 Rally America SW Division-Rookie of the Year

2012 AZ Extreme Rally 1st Overall
2012 Desert Storm Rally 1st in Class/ 2nd Overall
2012 High Desert Trails 2nd in Class/ 4th Overall
2012 North Nevada Rally DNF Wreck on SS6

1st Place 2012 Rally America SouthWest Region Championship Open Light
1st Place 2012 Racetech AWD Championship
2nd Place SWRC Open Light
2nd Place SWRC Darlin Cup
3rd Place Bilstein Cup
5th Place CRS GT
Best Crash of 2012

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Out of town drag racing, NHRA Drag Racing.
Rally experience first started in a vacant lot learning how to get the car sideways. Turned into a full obsession that led me to go to a day course at Dirt Fish. I raced the CRS and Glen Helen Rallyx championships 2011. First stage rally event was Prescott Rally 2011.

What are your future goals?

2013 I will be rebuilding a new car in hopes to compete in 2014.

I will be taking selective drives in the right hand seat as a Co-Driver. I will be joining Old Dirty Racing and Chuck Wilson as his Co-Driver for Desert Storm 2013.

// About
Name - Leelyn Pritchard
Hometown - Tucson, AZ
Occupation - Property Management

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2013 Seed 9 Open 4
2013 Arizona Extreme Rally Group 2 DNF
2013 Desert Storm 2 Group 2 3
2012 North Nevada Rally 2 Open Light DNF
2012 North Nevada Rally 1 Open Light DNF
2012 Desert Storm 1 Open Light 1
2012 Desert Storm 2 Open Light 1
2012 Arizona Extreme Rally 2 Open Light 1
2012 Arizona Extreme Rally 1 Open Light 1
2011 Seed 9 Open Light 1
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