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To be of an exalted moral or intellectual character which is elevated in nature or style means to be Noble.  It takes a special person to have a Noble heart; one must be magnanimous, to have a perfect balance and harmonious expression.  One must possess eminence and dignity; to be above whatever may be degrading, dishonorable. Noble Star Rally is dedicated to honoring the dreams and memory of a man of this nature, former rally driver, Matthew Noble Marker.

On April 30th, Matthew’s dreams came to an abrupt end at the third event of the 2011 Rally America National Championship known as the Olympus Rally in Washington.  Matthew, often referred to as Noble, was in his fifth year of participating in the series and was a popular driver among his peers and the rally community. Though he left behind several family and friends, Markers dreams and passion for rally racing continue to live on through his teammates.

Noble Star Rally is comprised of a large family of team members headed by couple Amanda Skelly and Derrick Rudisel.  Amanda and Derrick were brought together on an unforgettable day. On September 16, 2011 at the home of the Markers in celebration of Noble’s birthday cruise, the couple was introduced.  Their passion for the sport and love for Matthew instantaneously drew them together.

Both originally from MI, Derrick and Amanda have been involved in rally in various circumstances.  Coming from a rally cross and TSD (time speed distance) rally background, Amanda has been involved in the community since January 2007.  Derrick has focused his energy and attention on promoting Marker in stage rally since September 2010.  After the loss of their good friend, the puzzle pieces began to fit together, leading them to begin working on a new team direction for NSR.  Magnum Opus served as the couple’s debut to rally together as driver and co-driver.

Noble Star Rally consists of team members who share the same passion as Marker.  The crew is brought together through their love for rally. Each member’s excitement to help and dedication has allowed the team to successfully finish the rally car in a short amount of time and begin their new journey together. Each member demonstrates unique noble characteristics that inspire and promote teamwork, fun and success.  The team has poured their own blood, sweat and tears into the rally car, and in just 3 ½ months, the car debuted at Sno*Drift 2012.

Presently, NSR headquarters are located in Rochester Hills, MI at the leading couples’ home.  Housed in a 1 car garage, the rally car and crew have spent much time prepping for rally.  During the build, the rally team headquarters were located in Marlette, MI at 31 Motorsports.  Owner and sponsor, Jeff Reamer, was generous enough to donate several Subaru parts to the team and has also donated much of his own personal time and labor as well.  Many of the original NSR members traveled 2-4 hours one way to attend meetings and continue the rally build.  It takes a special kind of person to make a dream come true, and this original group of people is the foundation in which the team originated on.

Driving in a 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Coupe, Amanda and Derrick are competing in the Open Light class. In December 2006, Amanda purchased her first Subaru.  Less than a month later she entered her first rally cross with the Detroit Region SCCA.  Since then, Amanda has been participating in rally events all over her home state in rally car.  With each race, the passion and dedication to become a better driver grew.  The desire to build the car into a stage rally car intensified.  And now, nearly 5 years later Amanda has built her original Subaru for stage rally.  Initially, the car was stock with KYB AGX struts and Eibach springs and an upgraded cat less 3 inch stainless steel exhaust.  Aside from gravel tires, the car has remained the same over the years during competition. 

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Derrick’s first genuine exposure and experience to the automotive world is part in thanks to his father Rich and also in thanks to his dear friend Matthew Noble Marker.  In 2010, Derrick began supporting Marker and his dreams through marketing and photography.  He attended numerous events with him, assisting in any way that he could and ensuring that Marker could ‘live the dream’.

What are your future goals?

Continue support grassroots rally and reaching out to other teams in need.
Finish as many rallies as possible and gain as much experience as a co-driver.

// About
Name - Derrick Rudisel
Hometown - Elk Rapids, Michigan
Occupation - Social Media Marketing Manager

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2014 Drift Regional Open Light 8
2014 Sno Regional Open Light 7
2013 LSPR - Lac Vieux Desert Open Light 5
2013 LSPR - Ottawa Rally Open Light 6
2013 New Hampshire Rally Open Light 6
2013 Maine Rally Open Light 4
2013 Finger Lakes Open Light 5
2013 Sherwood Forest Open Light 5
2013 Drift Regional Open Light 5
2013 Sno Regional Open Light 7
Show all results...
2012 John Nagel Regional Rally Open Light 9
2012 Ray Damitio Regional Rally Open Light 8
2012 Finger Lakes Open Light DNF
2012 Sherwood Forest Open Light DNF
2012 Magnum Opus Open Light DNF
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