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Steve Nowicki

Nowicki won three Pro Rally championships and was a specialist in the production category machinery.

In 1982 Steve Nowicki, a (then) 23-year-old from the Milwaukee suburb of New Berlin, won five consecutive production rallies driving a Plymouth Fire Arrow.

More noteworthy, he did it with essentially no sponsor help while beating factory supported teams that showed up with expense and loads of technical assistance. But he won anyway traveling across the country to nearly event.

I didn’t like going to a normal 8-to-5 job. I didn’t even like working on normal road cars, people cars, as a mechanic, which is what I used to do.  I don’t like it because it’s boring.  I have to do something that’s exciting. Otherwise, what the hell else is there to do?  said Nowick, back in the day.

(Editor’s note: Nowicki employed one of the most brilliant rally strategies I’ve ever seen at an Olympus Rally held on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula,  in 1982. After a night of ccombat with another driver for the production title of the rally, Nowicki delayed his start to the last stage the maximum permitted minutes while he waited for the sun to come up. Eventually he got to run the same road as the Audi competitor in broad daylight and made up several minutes to win the event by just a few seconds, his first production victory of many to come and it was all within the rules.

His youthful enthusiasm was demonstrated in the strategy and the celebration afterwards, a celebration that, actually, interrupted the toasting underway by the driver who thought he had held Nowicki off for the win.

Nowicki built a Group A Nissan for the WRC Olympus rally in 1986.  The next year he took time away from rallying to earn a BFA degree in Transportation Design from College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Immediately upon graduation, he purchased a previously rallied Mazda 323GTX and started winning rallies again.  A bout with road racing for 10 years kept Steve active, winning many races and a professional racing championship - The 1998 IMSA (PSCR) Speedvision endurance series Drivers, Team and Manufacturer championships.  Nowicki is one of the very few drivers successful in both rally and racing disciplines.  Back to rallying in a $5000 RX-7, Steve finished in the top ten at the LSPR rally in the UP in 2001.  Another switch back to racing he competed in a successful Spec Miata campaign for 5 years before taking more time to dedicate toward a new challenge at American Specialty Cars – Design Director.  Not content with leaving motorsports alone, Nowicki built a “new” Mitsubishi - Plymouth Fire Arrow as a Historic toy to remember the good old days of when he won Two National Driving Championships in SCCA Pro Rally.  With this car, he ended up back in the victory column winning the Group 2 crown at the 2013 Drift Regional rally, as well as Sno*Attack.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

1977 100 Acre Wood Pro Rally

// About
Name - Steve Nowicki
Hometown - West Bloomfield, MI
Occupation - Automotive Design Director

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2017 Scioto Forest Rally National 2WD 7
2017 Scioto Forest Rally Group 2 1
2017 Zaleski Forest Rally National 2WD 11
2017 Zaleski Forest Rally Group 2 2
2014 Drift Regional Group 2 7
2014 Sno Regional Group 2 DNF
2013 LSPR - Lac Vieux Desert Group 2 5
2013 LSPR - Ottawa Rally Group 2 7
2013 Drift Regional Group 2 1
2013 Sno Regional Group 2 3
Show all results...
2012 New Hampshire Rally Group 2 3
2012 Maine Rally Group 2 3
2012 Finger Lakes Group 2 7
2012 Sherwood Forest Group 2 7
2012 Drift Regional Rally Group 2 12
2012 Sno*Regional Rally Group 2 6
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