Driver // Viorel Dobasu

Viorel Dobasu

Viorel has been a fan of rally racing for the last 30 years while living in Romania. He helped friends with rally teams at their events.

“I don’t have mechanic skills, but I helped when I could,” says Viorel.

After moving to the U.S. in 1994, Viorel finally reached a moment in his life when he decided that he needed to take the plunge and experience rally driving.

“I was getting older and I needed to fulfill my dreams,” explained Viorel.

In 2006, he spent time at Team O’Neil’s rally school and entered his first event in 2008.

The following year, Viorel entered more regional rallies starting with Sandblast and competing in 100AW, STPR, and NEFR. He finised them all except NEFR with a crash on day 2.

Viorel is out to have fun and become a better driver.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

In 2006 he took the Team O’Neil rally school. First event was Rally NY in 2008.

Following year he competed at the Sandblast Rally, 100AW, STPR, and NEFR. He also participated in the Black River Stages in NY.

What are your future goals?

Having fun, and putting up the best times i can

// About
Name - Viorel Dobasu
Hometown - West Bloomfield, MI
Occupation - Manages trucking company

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2015 Lake Superior Performance Rally Open 6
2013 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open DNF
2013 100 Acre Wood Rally Open 5
2012 Olympus Rally Open 4
2012 New England Forest Rally Open 5
2012 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open 4
2012 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Open DNF
2012 Sno*Drift Rally Open 10
2011 New England Forest Rally Open 5
2011 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open DNF
Show all results...
2011 Sno*Drift Rally Open 6
2010 LLCote Open 5
2010 Mexico Rally Open 5
2010 Team O'Neil Rally Open 3
2010 Sno Open DNF
2009 Keweenaw Rally Open 3
2009 Ottawa Rally Open 3
2009 Berlin Rally Open DNF
2009 Drive Your Future Rally Open 4
2009 Sherwood Forest Open 2
2009 Finger Lakes Open 2
2009 100 Acre Wood Open 4
2009 Trespassers Wil Open 5
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