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Mitchell Williams

Not everyone can claim their mom taught them how to drive, but that is what happened to Mitch Williams. Mitch’s mother, a respected police officer, showed him tricks of the trade which introduced him to performance driving. Growing up on a farm with plenty of dirt roads gave him the necessary ingredients to hone his skills in TSD, rallycross, and hill climb events.
Mitch is the 2007 Southwest Regional Champion with concurring 1st place regional finishes at Rally Colorado the same year. After moving to Colorado, Mitch has been a consistent presence in local rally events and even opened a shop, Checkpoint Racing, building and repairing rally cars.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

First rally ever was the 2000 1000 Tour from Rochester NY.  TSD Rally.  We placed 3rd.

What are your future goals?

Finish Top Three Open in the Rally America Championship

// About
Name - Mitchell Williams
Hometown - Rochester, NY
Occupation - Owner Checkpoint Racing, LLC

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2016 Ray Damitio Rally Open DNF
2016 John Nagel Rally Open 2
2011 Idaho 2 Open 1
2011 Idaho Open 1
2009 Middle Cog 2 Open 2
2009 Middle Cog 1 Open 2
2009 Tumbleweed Express Open 1
2008 Middle Cog 1 Open DNF
2008 Trespassers Wil Open DNF
2007 Middle Cog 2 Open 1
Show all results...
2007 Middle Cog 1 Open 1
2006 SouWester ClubRally Open 7
2006 Simpson Stages Open DNF
2006 10000 Lakes Open 7
2006 Paul Bunyan's Ride Open 7
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