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Wolfgang Hoeck

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How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

I grew up in the Austrian alps and was exposed to European style rallying in my childhood, that got me hooked. I dabbled in autocross and rallying, but didn’t make much inroads then. After emigrating to the United States I got the opportunity to go rallying again, after competing about 5 years first in regional and national autocross. In the last 4 years I worked myself from the back of the field to be a contender for a top 10 spot. As a privateer not much more is possible without extra help.

What are your future goals?

Finish a couple of events in the top 10 on a national level. For more information check

// About
Name - Wolfgang Hoeck
Hometown - Somis, CA
Occupation - Scientist/IT Manager

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2016 Shunpiker Stages Open DNF
2016 Oregon Trail Open DNF
2016 Wagons Ho! Open 1
2015 Oregon Trail Open DNF
2010 Idaho 2 Open 1
2010 Idaho 1 Open 1
2010 Trails End Open 1
2010 Shunpiker Stages Open 1
2010 Wagons Ho! Open 2
2010 Oregon Trail Rally Open 5
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2008 Seed 9 Open 2
2007 Olympus Rally Open 12
2006 Battle Born 1 Open 1
2006 Desert Storm Rally Open DNF
2006 Seed 9 Rally Sprint Group N 1
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