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2010 Overall - National - Driver - Detail

01560: Christopher Duplessis - Rock Hill, NY

Rally in the 100 Acre Wood2010-02-26111013
Olympus Rally2010-04-24111313
Oregon Trail Rally2010-05-14111213
Susquehannock Trail Rally2010-06-0411924
New England Forest Rally2010-07-16111013
 Totals66 719
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Only the Start and Finishing points for the event are counted in the Championship.
  • The reason for not counting an event is that using the event would put the competitor over the maximum allowed events for the championship.
  • All the possible combinations of the events are computed and the combination of events that give the highest number of points while staying under the championship parameters are used to determine the total points for the championship
  • If the Out Column above has an O in it. That indicates that the competitor is receiving points for Organizing the event.
  • Championship points are determined by the finishing position points (See Bulletin #5) of the competitor relative to the finishing position of all competitors signed up for the championship.

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