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2011 Group 2 - Central - Driver - Detail

04386: Paul Donlin - Naperville, IL

Lake Superior Rally2010-10-16 300000
Northern Lights2011-05-20 30052424
Itasca Trail2011-05-21 30071212
Finger Lakes2011-06-03 200000
Sherwood Forest2011-06-04 300899
 Totals 1400 4545
How to Read the Page:
If a Line is colored as this line is:
Only the Start and Finishing points for the event are counted in the Championship.
  • The reasons for not counting an event is that using the event would put the competitor over the maximum allowed Coefficients for the Regional Championship
  • over the maximum allowed out of region coefficients.
  • All the possible combinations of the events are computed and the combination of events that give the highest number of points while staying under the championship parameters are used to determine the total points for the championship
  • If the Out Column above has an X in it. That indicates that the Event is considered Out of this Region
  • If the Out Column above has an O in it. That indicates that the competitor is receiving points for Organizing the event.
  • Championship points are determined by the finishing position points (See Bulletin #5) of the competitor relative to the finishing position of all competitors signed up for the championship and multiplying that value by the coefficient of the event.

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